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We are a Team of seasoned IT Experts, Having more than 15 years of individual Team member Expertinece in developing Enterprise class IT Applications using Microsoft Excel/VBA macros, Databases, such as Microsoft Access, SQL server, and .net, core java, Android apps.


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We are providing Software solutions Successfully since 2013


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Microsoft Access Programmer

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Automation Tip for the day:

= You can also use Excel in multiuser environment, to connect to centralized database, enter data, read latest data updated to database, generate reports from latest data stored in database. YES, Excel can connect to databases, in our case we can connect to MS Access database, you need not to have Access database installed in any of the PC's but you can use this features.. Watch this video for more details,Excel Automation with MS ACCESS
= You can Enhance the capacity of MS Access database size limitation by using multiple Access databases linked to one central Access database, and refer your front end application to central Access database, this works with same effeciency but you will get advantage of more than 2 GB limitation of Access database.


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