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Read DB schema List all Tables, views, stored procedures, indexes


Do you want to List tables, views, indexes, procedures of SQL Server or MS Access database? Watch our tool demo in link below.


Database is crucial for business, creating clean documentation on database is very important in maintenance of database, it is very importent for front end developers to keep the list handy for writing SQL statements, write Stored procedures, identify links between tables, often we spend a lot of time in listing tables, listing table fields, field size, field type, list all views, list all stored procedures, list all indexes and more.

Since we faced the same issue of spending a lot of time in listing database objects that are immense time consuming, we developed a tool that does the job for us, Tool brings data on click of button.

sql server list tables



SQL server list tables, column name, data type, size

SQL server list all views, view name

SQL server list all stored procedures, storeprocedure or function name

SQL server list all indexes, index name, table name associated with and more...

MS access list tables

MS access list linked tables

MS Acces List Views

MS Acces List Indexes


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You can use our Tool to get database information on click of button, Works with Both SQL server and MS Access dtabase's


- Get all Table information, Table name, Column name, data type, size of column data type.

- Views informaiton

- Procedure or functions information

- Linked table information : Table name, Column name, data type, size of column data type

- Index columns list information

Functionality Demo

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