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Mail Merge from Excel to Word Letter


Mail merge from Excel to Generate & Email Letters


- Generate multiple PDF or Word Letters

- Email multiple PDF/Word Letters as attachment to individual emailids.


Excel automation to mail merge - mail merge from Excel to word - generate and save mail merge documents - automatically send email from excel, email mail merge documents as attachments, excel macro to send email automatically, you can use outlook to send out emails automatically or your gmail account or any smtp account.


mail merge is made simple with our tool, get it NOW! and save hours of your time, generating mail merge documents, draft email for each user and send them manually is tedious and time consuming, use our mail merge tool, make your life easy.


We have mail merge tool that is simple to use, you can use to generate multiple documents in PDF or in MS Word document format or PDF format & Send out emails with generated documents as attachment.


Why to use Macro

Application is very simple to use, Using macro you have following flexibility.

1) To generate pdf or word documents, save documents, option to select file name of your choice,

2) You can use Emailing method of your choice,

you can use your

a) Outlook or

b) Google account to send out emails or

c) Your own SMTP server settings.

3) Customise Subject line and Body text (Dynamic text change also possible)



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Product Demo videos

1. Generate letters


2) DEMO - Generate Letters from excel data and PRINT

3) DEMO - Generate Letters from excel data, Bulk EMAIL

Tool tested and Works on Windows PC, Office 2003, 2007,2010,2013, and 2016 versions (in both 32 and 64 bit versions)


All Features in one demo video


More than 500 automations completed

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