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What is a macro, How to create macro in excel ?

Excel Macros

What are macros in Excel

Excel is Very powerful tool, it also has beautiful presentation capabilities that helps us easy in analyzing data.

In addition to data presentation capabilities Excel also has a programming capability, Yes, we can write software program within excel, we can write set of instructions inside Excel application to perform certain task on click of button or on pressing short cut keys, and this programming capability is popularly known as Excel macros. It is also known as VBA programming

You can create Macros in Excel Without any programming knowledge.


Yes, You can create excel macros without any programming knowledge also, there is option called record macros in Excel.

How to create a macro in Excel

  1. You can record macro in Excel, and Excel will create code for you
  2. You can create a macro in excel by writing VBA code

for option 1) above you do not need any programming knowlde, Excel creates code for you, but you can make slight code changes. you can create macro to run a set of repetitive work.

for option 2) you should have VBA programming knowledge or you can hire a programmer like me to get your job done :-)




Recording a macro :

What is the use of recording a excel macro, or how does record macro in excel help us ?

By recording a task or set of tasks in Excel, we can call the recorded task to perform the same task again on pressing the shortcut key we assigned to the recorded macro.

Let us take a example :

task 1 ) if you wanted to find "john" and replace with "mike" in all the worksheets of a workbook

task 2) after find replace in step 1, you wanted to format row 2 from column A to G with grey back color

task 3) Add sum function in Cell E20

..... and many more tasks


If you want to repeat the same tasks for multiple workbooks or multiple sheets Record macro, assign a name to macro, run the excel macro and excel macro will do the job for you.


How to record a macro

Thre are two options to record a macro, you can limit the scope to only for that work book or select option "personal macro workbook" if you select the personal macro workbook option you will be able to run the macro from any open workbook.

1. Click on Developer tab, (if you do not see the developer tab, Please search for "how to enable developer tab in Excel" you will get a lot of videos showing how to enable developer tab)

2. Click on Record macro icon, it will popup a dialog to

  • a) enter name for macro, by default it will have macro1, 2 ... you can enter a name that best describes the set of functions you want excel to repeat for you.
  • b) short cut, normally we can enter ctrl + m because in windows within excel This combination is not assigned for any other task, ctrl + c = copy , ctrl + v = paste, ctrl +m is not assigned, so we can use this combination to run the maro again.
  • c) Scope of macro, Work book limited or "personal macro workbook"


3. Perform the tasks you wanted to repeat after completing the tasks, click on Developer Ribbon tab, click on Stop Recording

Your macro is recorded now.

How to run the Recorded macro



Do you want to create macro by yourself and need help ?, or do you want us to create macros for you, let us know we are here to help you


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What are capabilities of macros?

Macros can do almost everything a computer program can do, here are the few listed.


1 . Excel Macro can do all the tasks that we can do manually in Excel

2. Import/Export data from external sources such as Sharepoint, text files, databases etc..

3. DDE, RTD Real time data automation, it can do automated trading also.

4. Read data from API's, it can read data from remote API's

5. It can perform simulation calculations

6. It can read data from multiple files, find replace in multiple files

7. Connect to external system such as SAP, CAD etc

8. We can develop a entire end to end applications such as inventory, crm, project management, financial modeling and many more...

9. Send out emails, read outlook emails, automate to ms word from excel, create powerpoint automation from excel generate powerpoint slides from excel

10. many more .... no limit for macros it can do almost everything a program can do.



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Lot to list .....


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  • Automation Tip for the day:

    = You can also use Excel in multiuser environment, to connect to centralized database, enter data, read latest data updated to database, generate reports from latest data stored in database. YES, Excel can connect to databases, in our case we can connect to MS Access database, you need not to have Access database installed in any of the PC's but you can use this features.. Watch this video for more details,Excel Automation with MS ACCESS
    = You can Enhance the capacity of MS Access database size limitation by using multiple Access databases linked to one central Access database, and refer your front end application to central Access database, this works with same effeciency but you will get advantage of more than 2 GB limitation of Access database.


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