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Data cleaning and Data Conversion Services.

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Data Cleaning and Data Conversion Services


Who We are:

We are Engineering graduates from Reputed college in India, NITK, we have more than 15 years of Individual Experiences in Data base handling jobs Specially in Excel, VBA, MS Access, SQL server, Power BI skills.

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What we can do for you:

We will clean your data, unstructured data, into structured format

Read JSON file data into Excel or databases

Read from XML file into Excel

Clean unstructured data in Excel

Read from text, csv, excel,json, xml or any other source into Excel and clean data.

Demo : Data cleaning - Clean data from multiple data sources, clean and generate output

Convert data from one format to another to load into other systems


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Hire us for as low as $10



Our Expertise makes us best in Data cleaning and data conversions, Efficient and accurate, We use various tools such as Excel, Access, SQL databases, Excel macros VBA coding etc.. to identify the data and fix the data effectively with partial automation and part of manual work.

Close attention to details to deliver you the best accuracy, We are committed to 100% accuracy.


Please chat with us or send email to us with details of Data cleaning or Data conversion service you are looking for, Before making payments, So that we can estimate the effort and cost.


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You can make payment by debit or credit Card or by login to your PayPal account, we can also send payment link from our paypal on request.



Note: We are offline on Saturday and Sundays (GMT), Please email us during weekends, we promise to reply As soon as possible.


Our values: Empathy, Honesty, Sincerety and Commitment.

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  • Automation Tip for the day:

    = You can also use Excel in multiuser environment, to connect to centralized database, enter data, read latest data updated to database, generate reports from latest data stored in database. YES, Excel can connect to databases, in our case we can connect to MS Access database, you need not to have Access database installed in any of the PC's but you can use this features.. Watch this video for more details,Excel Automation with MS ACCESS
    = You can Enhance the capacity of MS Access database size limitation by using multiple Access databases linked to one central Access database, and refer your front end application to central Access database, this works with same effeciency but you will get advantage of more than 2 GB limitation of Access database.


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